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Laboratory studies – these are physico-chemical, biochemical and biological methods of research, which can be used to analyze the composition and properties of human biological fluids and tissues, and to identify pathogens.

Laboratory studies are a valuable source of information for establishing and clarifying the diagnosis, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment or finding out the causes of the disease. They help to determine the pathological processes taking place in the human body, to specify the cause of the disturbance of well-being and to control the course of the disease, to choose the right path to recovery and to evaluate the results of treatment, to determine risk factors for the development of diseases, as well as to determine the influence of environmental factors on health . During treatment, the doctor may order tests repeatedly to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy regimen.

The medical center “Med-Elite” conducts laboratory tests:

  • Zbieranie materiałów do badań;
  • Ogólne analizy kliniczne;
  • Oncommarkers;
  • Hormony tarczycy;
  • Hormony płciowe;
  • Panel infekcji;
  • Zapalenie wątroby;
  • Monitorowanie ciąży;
  • Inwazje robaków;
  • Panel kardiologiczny;
  • Inne hormony;
  • Biochemia ogólna;
  • Biochemia elektrolitów;
  • Kompleksowe badanie;
  • Panel reumatoidalny;
  • Panel cukrzycowy;
  • Immunogramy;
  • Panel autoimmunologiczny;
  • diagnoza PCR;
  • Oznaczanie alergenów;
  • Monitorowanie leków.

We identify more than 1,000 laboratory indicators that will help establish or confirm a diagnosis and monitor your treatment process. You can find a detailed list of all types of laboratory tests in the section«PRICE».

Timely results of laboratory tests can save your health thanks to a correctly established diagnosis and a timely start of the treatment process.

Med-Elite Medical Center

Medical Center “Med-Elite” – it is a modern clinic that provides professional medical care. For us, a high-quality treatment and diagnostic process and the achievement of the maximum possible positive result are valuable.

We have gathered within our walls a team of high-class specialists who will not be indifferent to your problem. The experience of the doctors and the modern equipment of the clinic will be a guarantee of your recovery and improvement of the standard of living.

Our goal — to preserve and increase the trust of our patients, to become for them not only an “ambulance”, but also a reliable friend, to be by the patient’s side in the process of fighting the disease.

Every day we are improving and working to be within the walls «Med-Elite» every patient not only received medical care, but also felt important!

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