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Urology is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the genitourinary system.

A urologist at the MED-ELITE medical center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary system of men and women (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra), male genital organs and male infertility. One of the priority areas is the diagnosis and treatment of urolithiasis.

Med-Lite Medical Center

Medical Center “Med-Elite” – is a modern clinic that provides professional medical care For us, a high-quality treatment and diagnostic process and the achievement of the maximum possible positive result are valuable.

We have gathered within our walls a team of high-class specialists who will not be indifferent to your problem. The experience of the doctors and the modern equipment of the clinic will be a guarantee of your recovery and improvement of the standard of living.

Our goal — to preserve and increase the trust of our patients, to become for them not only an “ambulance”, but also a reliable friend, to be by the patient’s side in the process of fighting the disease.

Every day we improve and work to ensure that in the walls of “MED ELITE” every patient not only receives medical care, but also feels important!

You should consult a urologist in the following situations:

– pain during urination;
– rare or too frequent urination;
– change in color or smell of urine;
– urinary incontinence;
– the presence of blood or pus in  urine or ejaculate;
– redness, itching, discomfort in the male genital area;
– pain in the groin area and lower back;
– pain during or after sexual intercourse.

Also, a family doctor can refer a patient to a urologist in cases of infection and inflammation of the genitourinary system (pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, etc.), when kidney stones are detected, to clarify the diagnosis and treat erectile dysfunction, infertility, and others.⠀

You should visit a urologist even if nothing is bothering you – urologist consultations are carried out as part of a preventive medical examination.

The urologist’s initial appointment takes place in a specially adapted office, where the doctor will conduct your survey and collect anamnestic data, study the results of studies, if they have already been performed, and prescribe additional diagnostic procedures if necessary (ultrasound, laboratory tests, CT, etc.). The medical center provides a wide range of diagnostic methods for accurate diagnosis and treatment by our specialists. We provide conservative treatment (medication, medical procedures, etc.). So are surgical interventions for such diseases as hydrocele, varicocele, phimosis, paraphimosis, frenulotomy, condylomas, papillomas, etc.

After the conservative or operative treatment, you receive the support of a doctor during the rehabilitation period and until complete recovery.

Medical center “Med-Elite” in Ivano-Frankivsk will provide services at a time convenient for you and without queues with complete confidentiality.

Frenuplasty is an operation to dissection the frenum of the foreskin of the penis followed by its longitudinal suturing, with the aim of lengthening the short frenum. The duration of surgery is up to 30 minutes, under local anesthesia.

Indications for operation Frenulotomy (Frenuloplasty).

  • Short frenum of the foreskin;
  • Tearing, tearing of the frenulum during sexual intercourse;
  • A feeling of tension in the frenum area during erection;
  •  Cicatricial changes formed after a frenum tear;
  •  Accelerated ejaculation associated with a short frenum;
  • With multiple breaks of the frenulum, scar tissue is formed as a result of which the frenulum does not increase, but becomes even shorter. 

Entrust the solution of this delicate problem to specialists!

Bridle plastic surgery is performed by an experienced doctor  by a urologist-surgeon, in a sterile operating room equipped with all the necessary surgical instruments. It can be recommended to patients of any age, according to indications. 

The rehabilitation period lasts about 10 days. Frenoplasty is a minimally invasive operation, after which the patient immediately returns to everyday life.

Frenulotomy is performed at the “Med-Elite” medical center at the address: Ivano-Frankivsk, str. Dovzhenka, 55.

VASECTOMY is the most effective method of contraception.

What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy – it is a surgical procedure for permanent male contraception. During the procedure, the male vas deferens is ligated and cut to prevent sperm from entering the urethra, thereby preventing fertilization during intercourse.

Vasectomy at Med-Elite Medical Center is the most effective permanent form of contraception available to men.

Before you decide to do vasectomy,
you need to come to the urologist on primary reception

The initial appointment with a urologist involves a thorough history taking and examination.

The doctor will inquire about your circumstances. Most likely, you will be taken for surgery if you are over 30 years old and you have children.

In some cases, it is necessary to provide a certificate from a narcologist-psychiatrist, the consent of relatives, and possibly the results of the consultation of other specialists in writing.

Condylomas of the urethra are, in most cases, benign neoplasms in the lumen of the urethra. Condylomas are different in their structure and histological type. 

Usually, concern about the presence of violations is associated with a change in jet pressure. Patients notice “bifurcation”, splashing, change of direction. Condylomas create a risk of secondary infection, blocking the lumen of the urethra, so their removal is recommended.

Removal of condylomas in the urethra is carried out according to a number of indications:

  • Large formations;
  • overlapping of the lumen of the urethra by more than 1/3;
  • change in the nature of the jet;
  • unpleasant sensations during urination.

Despite the risks of complications associated with warts, doctors start with conservative methods and monitor the neoplasm. Removal of warts is safe, but has contraindications. Usually, restrictions on surgical removal are relative.

How to prepare for the removal of warts at the Med-Elite medical center?

Removal of urethral warts in men and women is the field of activity of urologists and surgeons. The operation requires preparation of the patient, and the volume of surgical intervention depends on the location of the growth, the number of neoplasms in the lumen of the urethra. 

During preparation for the operation, the patient is prescribed:

  • blood analysis (comprehensive biochemical, general, KSHS, HIV, AIDS, viral hepatitis);
  • analysis for HPV (human papillomavirus) in the urethra;
  • urine analysis (OAM, according to Nechiporenko and other tests if necessary);
  • rine analysis (OAM, according to Nechyporenko and other tests if necessary);

With a heavy clinical history, consultation of specialized specialists may be necessary. The diagnosis of the presence of urethral condylomas is established on the basis of examination, palpation, ultrasound, and urethroscopy. Removal of condylomas in the urethra in men and women at the “Med-Elite” medical center is carried out under conditions of strict anonymity. No one will know that you have applied for treatment. Sign up for a consultation and  we will solve your problem as soon as possible

Circumcision (or surgical circumcision) –  complete removal of the foreskin of the male penis. The procedure is painless, performed under local anesthesia.

Circumcision allows the patient to get rid of possible unpleasant pain sensations, as well as significantly reduce the risk of infection with sexually transmitted infections.

Advantages of foreskin circumcision

  •         reducing the risk of infection of a sexual partner with the human papilloma virus;
  •         reducing the risk of penile squamous cell cancer;
  •         reducing the risk of infectious diseases of the urinary system by about 90%;
  •         reducing the probability of infection with genital herpes, HIV.

Stages of the procedure in the “Med-Elite” medical center.

The first stage is preparation. Before circumcision, the patient is interviewed and examined and possible contraindications to the operation are determined.

It is necessary to perform laboratory and instrumental diagnostic tests: ACS, ZAS, blood sugar analysis, coagulogram, BAC, ECG, blood group and Rhesus factor. Before surgery, each patient receives a specialist consultation with answers to all questions. There are cases when surgery may not be necessary.

Changes that occur in the body during the course:

– Expansion of blood vessels – improves lymph outflow and blood circulation, stimulates regenerative processes in the gland. The improvement of blood flow contributes to the rapid spread, penetration and uniform distribution of medicinal substances.

– An increase in the amount of nutrients and oxygen entering the prostate tissue, which enhances the regenerative processes.

– Release of prostatic juice is one of the most important advantages of prostate massage treatment. The release of juice prevents the possible stagnation of prostatic secretion, as a result of which the tone of the gland increases and normalizes.

– When the prostatic secretion is released, there is an outflow of disease-causing microorganisms. In the treatment of prostatitis, this is very important, because in this way you can significantly shorten the duration of treatment. A significant improvement in potency is observed.

A course of prostate massage involves 8-10 procedures, which are held every other day. As a rule, positive results are observed after the 5th session. The repeated course is held three weeks after the end of the first course, it is necessary to consolidate and finish the treatment.

You should not be afraid of the procedure, because the main task of a urologist is to prevent serious consequences of the disease and to cure it with the most positive result.

Prostate massage strengthens and accelerates medical treatment several times. We will help take care of your men’s health. 

Sign up for a consultation with a urologist at the “Med-Elite” medical center right now.

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