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We crush kidney stones in one visit, without hospitalization and anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is up to 60 minutes. Receive the highest quality of service at the modern Med-Elite medical center.

Our center offers a quick and painless solution to the problem of urolithiasis with the help of advanced technologies. The “Med-Elite” medical center employs experienced specialists who have removed stones from more than 12,000 patients and uses the latest lithotripter Dornier Compact Sigma (Dornier MedTech, Germany) in Western Ukraine (2021 release).

Remote lithotripsy (crushing of stones) is the “gold standard” of treatment of urolithiasis worldwide.

The essence of the method is based on the generation of an acoustic shock wave using a special device – a lithotriptor. The shock wave is concentrated in one point – the focus, where its energy is maximum. Under the action of a series of pulses of the shock wave, the stone is destroyed into a large number of small fragments.

The advantages for the patient are indisputable because the crushing of stones takes place inside the urinary tract without an incision, anesthesia and the need for hospitalization, i.e. the patient goes home immediately after the session and receives treatment aimed at the independent removal of fragments from the urinary tract. The method allows you to crush stones located in the kidneys and ureters up to 3 cm in size, but indications for crushing are determined individually.

Advantages of remote lithotripsy at the Med-Elite medical center!

The procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance, which gives undeniable advantages:

  • Thanks to the 2021 lithotriptor, the client receives a result in one visit, unlike analogues of previous generations (4-6 sessions are required for positive changes);
  • Absence of ionizing radiation of the patient and the doctor, which is present during X-ray guidance on the stone;
  • The possibility of localization and crushing of X-ray transparent stones (which are less than 15%), which increases the efficiency of stone search several times;
  • Constant dynamic monitoring ensures better control by the doctor of the stone crushing process;
  • Better fragmentation estimation and better image resolution compared to X-ray guidance. The doctor clearly sees the contours and performs more precise actions, which in turn reduces the time for performing the manipulation.

The working principle of Lithotripsy has been filmed for you

Many of our clients say after the procedure that they never thought that stone removal could be so painless and easy.

This is true, because remote lithotripsy under ultrasound control is the latest world standard in the fight against stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.

Take an important step to improve your health right now.

Medical center “Med-Elite” is your team of high-class specialists who will warn, diagnose and cure in time.

Med-Elite Medical Center

Medical Center “Med-Elite” – is a modern clinic that provides professional medical care For us, a high-quality treatment and diagnostic process and the achievement of the maximum possible positive result are valuable.

We have gathered within our walls a team of high-class specialists who will not be indifferent to your problem. The experience of the doctors and the modern equipment of the clinic will be a guarantee of your recovery and improvement of the standard of living.

Our goal — to preserve and increase the trust of our patients, to become for them not only an “ambulance”, but also a reliable friend, to be by the patient’s side in the process of fighting the disease.

Every day we are improving and working to be within the walls «Med-Elite» every patient not only received medical care, but also felt important!

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