Grishko R. V. – urologist of the 1st category. [Work experience – 13 years]

Your doctor is a urologist

Roman Volodymyrovych is a progressive specialist who knows exactly how to help the patient. Clarity and pragmatism in fulfilling one’s professional obligations is the guarantee of the most positive result for patients.

Specialists of the Medical Center “Med-Elite” in Ivano-Frankivsk are forming a new image of modern private medicine and implementing uniform standards of world-class treatment.


🔹 In 2009 graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, majoring in “Medical Affairs”;
🔹 2009-2011
completed an internship in the specialty “Urology” on the basis of the Central Medical Center and OKL Ivano-Frankivsk;
🔹 March 2014 – completion of the PAC in the specialty “Urology”;
🔹April 2014
passing the TU “Emergency care for urological diseases”;
🔹 November 2014
received the II qualification category in the specialty “Urology”;
🔹 2017
completed an internship at the Zaporizhia OKL and received a specialization in transplantology;
🔹 2019
received the 1st qualification category in the specialty “Urology”.


🔹 2011 – 2020 – Doctor-urologist MP No. 4, Ivano-Frankivsk. Conducts outpatient urological reception of patients, conservative treatment and instrumental methods of examination (cystoscopy, taking swabs from the urethra, prostate juice);
🔹 February 2012 – currently – a urologist at the Central Medical Center in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Additional Information

🔹 Roman Volodymyrovych always develops his professional level and takes courses that confirm high professional skills;
🔹 Courses completed in 2021:
🔹 Intensive thematic improvement course “Practical skills of laparoscopic surgery in urology”;
🔹 Multidisciplinary congress for specialties on the topic: “CANCER IN YOUNG PATIENTS – PROBLEMS OF PREVENTION, SCREENING, TREATMENT, REHABILITATION”;
🔹 Doctor-participant of the professional school of urogynecology on the topic “CURRENT TRENDS OF UROGYNECOLOGY”;
🔹 Symposium on “SKH – one step closer to mastery” with a speaker from Coburg, Germany – prof. Walter Ludwig Strohmeier.

certificates and diplomas

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